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MYSTAR Bottless Shelving System BS5000 (Fibre)

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What is a uniform distributed load (UDL)?

A uniform distributed load, or UDL, is a phrase commonly used by shelving suppliers to help explain how much weight can be safely stored on each shelf section. A UDL dictates that products should be stored evenly with no single point handling excessively more load than the remainder of the shelf.

Why is it important to calculate the UDL?

A UDL value is essential as the weight capacity of any shelf is reduced if loaded unevenly. If the load is spread evenly and correctly across the whole width of the shelf this greatly reduces the stress placed on any structural beams and uprights. A UDL allows the maximum load to be safely applied.

When businesses see a UDL value stated on any pallet racking or shelving product description they should use this information to calculate whether the specific product is appropriate for their storage requirements. If the items to be stored come close to the maximum UDL level, then it is recommended that the business upgrades its chosen shelving or racking product to one with a higher capacity to reduce the possibility of overloading.

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